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Systemic counselling of organisations

May be you ask yourself, what is “systemic counselling of organisations”?

My understanding of systemic counselling of organisations refers to initiation and

accompanying processes of learning, changing and regeneration in a sustainable



Communication within social systems (like teams, organisations etc.) plays a key role.

In this context, exchange of information can make a difference that in turn

makes a difference to the social system (Bateson).

What is the difference between traditional consulting and systemic counselling of organisations?

The following table might be helpful to answer this question:


  Traditional view Systemic view
View of the world Mechanistical view
Principle of cause – effect
Complex and interactive view, in which change
is the normality and “unchange/static” is the
exception which has to be explained
Basic understanding Right – wrong
Guilty - innocent
Either - or
Complexity and dynamic
Dependency of the context

Tetra-lemma: Either – or;  as well as; neither nor

Progress Linear progress, change Development, rethinking
New perspectives,
New insights
Role of counsellors Leader, doer Trigger stimuli, Coach
Methods Instruction, KPI, MBO etc Learning by trial and error Interventions like circular questions, reflecting team, dialog, generate hypothesis, learn the learn


Are you curious? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me directly to get more details.



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